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Some of my friends who went to IKJ, must be suffered bit trauma if we’re talking about September, to be spesific September Ceria song, sung by Vina Panduwinata.


PS: Sengaja ngasih yang ada lyric-nya, so all of you can sing through the song

well, if you wanna know why? just ask them…hahhahaha

I don’t know why September so special (aside of my birthday :p) , thus quite many songs use September as their title. Prrobably September ranked 2nd after December as the most month used in song title.

So what other songs use September in their titling?? here we gooo…..

The ultimate-September- song, Earth Wind and Fire


and continue, with one of Daughtry’s song, which i don’t know much about this , huehhehe



And, what we have now…is MR. FRANK SINATRA, everybody….


and then, we have The Beatles, who recorded a rock n roll interpretation of ‘┬áSeptember in the Rain’ popular song by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, published in 1937.



Now, to cherish my month, my special month!, please enjoy all the songs.

Maybe why September is special, because the days grow short when you reach September,isn’t it?


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  • kenapa di negara 4 musim, season-nya selalu tepat, gak pernah maju mundur dan gak jelas menentu seperti di negara tropis??? 21 hours ago
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