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Selama ini selalu bertanya-tanya apa arti Jealous Sky setiap kali denger lagu Fields of Gold nya Papa Sting, sampe akhirnya udahlah tanya aja google (lah selama ini kemana aja mba???)
iya iya baru sempet soalnya hueheheh. Kenapa penasaran sama artinya? karena kata Jealous Sky ini bagus banget menurut saya yah, kesannya ‘full of romance and you’ll be jealous seeing my sky’ gitu deh kira-kira. Penasaran juga sama warna Jealous Sky akan kaya gimana yah? apakah kaya lembayung senja? atau putih atau apa?? PENASARAN KAN JADINYA *matiin capslock*
Yah dan hasil googling hari ini menemukan apa itu arti Jealous Sky dan apa sebenernya cerita di balik lagu Fields Of Gold -nya Papa Sting

Gini deh kira-kira:
(source: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1684)

  • This song is about feeling joyous, but knowing that the joy is going to end someday. Sting wrote it after he bought a house near a barley field. The sunsets and the colors of the field were an inspiration for the lyrics, along with his love at the time, Trudie Styler, who he married in 1992. Styler has said that the song is one of her favorites.
  • The major theme in this is commitment. It is about a man who has broken promises before, but is determined make this relationship last.
  • The story is chronological. It is about courtship, marriage, and eventual death. The two people in the song meet, court, fall in love (at this point, he reveals that he has never really made such a strong promise/commitment to someone) but feels he is ready to now. “See the children run,” their offspring and the “jealous sky” refer to the Heavens. Even Heaven is jealous of their love/relationship. The esteemed sun is jealous. Eventually, he dies and tells his love that they will always remember their love specifically, when she thinks of him, he wants to be personified as such… walking in fields of gold (barley).



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