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Posted on: Desember 16, 2015

sometimes we’re asking God to show us the right way. We pray and pray and ask him to show us the way or give us sign which direction that we should take in terms to keep us safe from harm.

He did it, he show the way…probably today, by this second, by any chance we are walking on the path that he made for us. The path which has answer of our pray. But, are we satisfied with what he shown us? Are you?

Human! Sometimes after He answer our pray, still we’re asking why and why? Oooh hoo believe me you do, right?! Like asking ‘really God? Is this the way? Why can’t i get the other way around?’ Hahhaha

no wonder he called GOD, only he who can convinced us..by putting us on our current situation. Accept and learn.  You ask for it, here you go! You are in doubt and turn to me asking for my enlighment…here’s what i want to put you through…there you go!.

Maybe he said ‘YES! My dear this is your way,you must take it! You are asking for guidance, i lead you the way… I give you the light, the light that you’ve asked on your prays, and now what??’ Oh you guys human, so hard to pleased.

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