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Ramadan Kareem

Posted on: Juli 16, 2015

It’s over…Ramadan Kareem. We are so ready to celebrate Eid Mubarakh! To celebrate what we have achieved in terms of chasing ‘Pahala’ and ‘amal’ during ramadan.

Ramadan this year kinda different for me. New place of work, new friends, new environment…after all need adjustment. 5 years in a row it was quite easy to found ‘bukaan’ for breakfasting..1 min walk i found so many variety of food for breakfasting. In new place..very limited. At the first day, i was amazed and kinda missed my old office haha..but…in the new place i have so many times to pray and to do tarawih. Things that 5 years in a row could not be done. Don’t know why?! Hehe

Well…before entering this year ramadan, i already felt that this year going to be different experience. And it was! Thank you Allah for everything that you gave me this year, all the lesson about ‘ikhlas and Patient’ over and over again. Hopefully me and my beloved friends and family can meet Ramadan Kareem again!

Bismillah for the new morning of Syawal and the new me, new us.

A Happy Eid Mubarakh, may it filled with Love and Forgiveness.

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