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an idiot who loves you

Posted on: September 27, 2010

i might say that am the silliest person who will always love you. You hurting me, but i always willing to give you another chances…

i am the stupid person who loved you and always loves you. its so hard for me to erase you,just like i snap my finger,just like that from my life. i can’t! just can’t!. You’ve been there ever since. I love you sincerely, i never knew despite do you ever feel the same the way i feel for you or not. it still a question mark. the question that i ever throw to you four years ago! yes you idiot i still remember that! absolutely since you never answer it.

i know you feel sorry for me, thats why you make up this thing by trying to contacted me. i appreciate that. But still i still want you even more. i always dream that you will always be mine. i don’t mind at all if i have to wait for you. i can’t fall to another person but you! yes you! how lucky you are, you scum! you stole my heart, don’t you know that.
I just want you to answer my question….am begging you….
I just a girl who stands in front of a boy asking him to love her back.
I just an idiot who loves you.

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