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Happy Eid Mubarok

Posted on: September 12, 2010

Finally the fasting month has ended..maybe you feels that i am happy with the intro words..nah actually i feel sad that i passed the holy month just like i passed my daily routine, found nothing special…except the break fasting routine that could bring something special from my basic day to day routine.

well here i am, in the day two of Eid Mubarok..all that i know that my moslem level still sooooo weaaaaakkkkk…..terrible, must be improved..well it doesn’t mean that i’m not allowed to celebrate the holy festive of Eid Mubarok hehehehhe…heyyy like all of us love to celebrate it. Ketupat, rendang, chicken curry,cookies like it hah?! heheheh. i love the part where people wear their smile and ready to ask for forgive and forgiven others mistakes, its just so i don’t know i don’t have any words to describe it.
and its my turn to ask for forgive and be forgiven, because..Human League used to say:

i’m only human,
of flesh and blood i’m made
born to make mistakes



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