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i might say that am the silliest person who will always love you. You hurting me, but i always willing to give you another chances…

i am the stupid person who loved you and always loves you. its so hard for me to erase you,just like i snap my finger,just like that from my life. i can’t! just can’t!. You’ve been there ever since. I love you sincerely, i never knew despite do you ever feel the same the way i feel for you or not. it still a question mark. the question that i ever throw to you four years ago! yes you idiot i still remember that! absolutely since you never answer it.

i know you feel sorry for me, thats why you make up this thing by trying to contacted me. i appreciate that. But still i still want you even more. i always dream that you will always be mine. i don’t mind at all if i have to wait for you. i can’t fall to another person but you! yes you! how lucky you are, you scum! you stole my heart, don’t you know that.
I just want you to answer my question….am begging you….
I just a girl who stands in front of a boy asking him to love her back.
I just an idiot who loves you.


I need to lock and protect my updates on twitter for a while…hehhehe, i’ll open it for public soon! don’t worry i will not deleting my twitter account just like John Mayer (rumored said) huekekekekek….*trus yang baca caelahh situ sapeeeehhh disama-samain ama John Mayer* LOL

am not a design-oriented person, i just love to see something unusual, just like what i saw from http://www.justjared.com. The photo spread is brilliant, they use digital imaging that i never saw before in the others magazines. Model on the cover, Nicki Minaj, The 25-year-old rapper, lengthens her legs in this hot new shot from the October 2010 issue of Out Magazine.

i think this is the first time i post something that related to design or artwork. Here You Go!

Chase….sounds familiar to me, i ever chased several person in my life, back when i still young and full of love spirit. I did that when i like the man soooooo badly and i want to make him to be mine. but that’s a long time ago…i feel weird when someone asked me to do the thing again to a man. Bottom line, i can do it whenever i want. But should i chase again? can’t they who called themselves as Man-being chase a girl back? or the world has turned up side down of which the girl power take control over it? just a thought.
Currently, i hesitate to do so..i want the other way around. That would be nice.

Finally the fasting month has ended..maybe you feels that i am happy with the intro words..nah actually i feel sad that i passed the holy month just like i passed my daily routine, found nothing special…except the break fasting routine that could bring something special from my basic day to day routine.

well here i am, in the day two of Eid Mubarok..all that i know that my moslem level still sooooo weaaaaakkkkk…..terrible, must be improved..well it doesn’t mean that i’m not allowed to celebrate the holy festive of Eid Mubarok hehehehhe…heyyy like all of us love to celebrate it. Ketupat, rendang, chicken curry,cookies like it hah?! heheheh. i love the part where people wear their smile and ready to ask for forgive and forgiven others mistakes, its just so i don’t know i don’t have any words to describe it.
and its my turn to ask for forgive and be forgiven, because..Human League used to say:

i’m only human,
of flesh and blood i’m made
born to make mistakes



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